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Golden Sparkles

We make beautiful things happen


About Dian Creations

Dian Creations has a gemmologist & a master valuer on-site. We can test your metals & identify your stones anytime you wish.


We can also appraise your jewellery any time you need.


Creating custom jewellery to your specification & design is our speciality. We work with pearls, beads, we can recreate from your old designs, and even create stunning jewellery with your old gold!

Expert Jewelry Workshop Services

Apart from dealing with pearls and creating intricate jewerelly, we also have a state-of-the-art workshop with the latest equipment which include a laser-soldering machine and polishing equipment.

We specialize in all kind of repairs: settings, casting, custom jewerelly, custom repairs, restringing, engraving, wax models, plating and so on. If you have an idea... we will make it happen.

Jewelry Maker's Table
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